The Kauai Chronicles-Part 4

Embarking on my personal sojourn

 I stared out walking onto Tunnels Beach and  proceeded north along the beach which bent landward in a long curb past Makua Beach, then Ha’ena State Beach  that traversed the foot of Mt Makana. My ultimate destination was Ke’e beach which lies on the far side Of Maniholo Bay past  where the foot of Mt. Makana  meets the beach, then onto the trailhead of the Lalalau Trail with its view of the Napali Coast. 

This morning I felt compelled to walk down along the beach  to see if I could reach road’s end by Ke’e Beach. I was hoping I could sneak onto the Nepali Coast trail to perhaps grab some shots of some of the spectacular vistas afforded by the craggy basalt cliffs disappearing into the costal mists and  massive foaming waves. 


Looking out to my right, I gazed across the roiling ocean surface towards the outer reef where the hollow tubes of tunnels break. There great whispy white clouds of spray trail off in the wind, giant mounds of water gather up and swell before collapsing on themselves from their sheer mass , smashing down on the reef in an apotheosis of foam and spray. This stress and strum played out as part of an immense vista of ocean and beach and river mouth and rocks and forest and mountains all as set pieces in an incredible stage. I took in this portentous moment and continued my trek across the island landscape


On the Beach

.  As I walked along Haena Beach I approached a bend in the shoreline where the tree line came up to the sand.As I continued walking barefoot along the pristine expanse of white sand  shaded by palms the whole of Maniliholo Bay revealed both its faces, the lush tropical rainforest of Ha’ena State Park to my left,the surf breaking over the reef at a break known as Pukas to my right. There still was a swell present, so the surf was still sizable as it pounded the beach , out further, on the reef Cannons announced its thunderous presence as massive  hollow waves rose and fell . Nearby, I encountered  a fresh water steam  that emptied itself across the sand to mingle with the Pacific. As I waded across the stream I looked upstream at the clear fresh water cascading over rocks shaded by the forest canopy. I continued down the beach  and encountered a couple of rock strewn sections where I had to proceed cautiously on the uncertain surface  that was littered with dark volcanic  stones , round  pockmarked and smooth. After a couple of spills I managed to negotiate my way to  Ke’e Beach I gazed out to sea across Hauwa reef , the tide was low so I could observe the waves storming over the reef  leaving a white wake of crenellated spay and foam. I could make out in the cove of Ke’e beach the calmer waters of the shallow reef sheltered from the full brunt of the northern swells that batter the Cliff faces Beyond. 

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