🏄‍♀️Painting-(Surfboard Painting): Introduction



In my journey as an artist, I have experienced the good fortune of being granted a project or commission that opens up a new set of possibilities. Such an event occurred just recently when I was offered a commission to do a painting on a vintage surfboard. Waves have been the most recent subject of my paintings and I have painted several watercolor paintings of such a theme (you can see my painting here: - https://www.cruzartzfinearts.com Although the work has garnered a steady stream of viewers on social media, it came as a great and pleasant surprise when an individual representing a company that deals in vintage surfboards contacted me with the proposition of painting a piece on one of their surfboards. Not one to pass up the opportunity, I accepted. About a month later Neil, the person that contacted me paid me a visit and dropped off a Rusty Preisendorfer , mid-80’s tri-fin thruster. This board was hand-shaped, numbered and signed by the master himself

To anyone who is familiar with surfing, the Rusty brand is prominent as a consequential link in the development of high-performance surfboard design. Marrying the qualities of speed, stability, and maneuverability , Rusty Preisendorfer’s design became the preferred choice of pro surfers during the mid-80’s, indeed it carried surfers to championships of such prominent events on the worldwide surf tour such as the pipeline masters and the Bells Beach competition in Australia. He is credited with perfecting the thruster, a design that dominates competitive surfing to this day. You can read more about Rusty and his design innovations here:



Needless to say I have felt a reverence and awe of being entrusted to create a work of art on a piece of history that is in itself a work of art. I am documenting each step in the creative process through a series of videos that I have posted and will be posting on Instagram ( my IG account name is zardoz1956) as well as on my You Tube Channel https://youtu.be/kcrrbrGqjoo and https://youtu.be/Fl02fYe4aAU. When I am finished, anyone will be able to follow my creative process and artist’s journey in the creation of a beautiful and compelling work of art. Stay tuned for more installments in this blog and my next video.